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Interview with amazingly talented online psychics Leah and Helen

 We are excited to share our interview with identical twins Leah and Helen, known as wonderfully gifted psychic counsellors all over the country. While most twins claim to share some kind of special telepathic bond with each other, Leah and Helen are the only ones in the UK to be defined as psychic medium twins. They work as psychic counsellors at, and they do not look for fame or fortune.

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On to the interview!

When did you first find you had your psychic gifts?

Leah: When I was at school, if one of my closest friends was upset about something, I could feel that, most of the time without really trying. I think that this is an ability that was given to the two of us just like anything else.

Helen: Yes, just like being able to sing or paint. To me, it was more of an empathic type of thing, you know? I pick up people’s thoughts, feelings and emotions just by falling into their energy. I never thought it would be a career.

Psychic is such a vague and rather misleading term. Can you describe for us what exactly your psychic abilities are?

Leah: Well, as a psychic medium, I have the ability to see into other people’s life and see where their energies are. This is a gift, it is something I can do.

Helen: I have the ability to tune into the aura of people in spirit form and gather information about that person through their energy field.

Why do you do this work? What really motivates  you?

Leah: Over the years, I became more and more aware of how special my gift was for guiding, helping, inspiring others. I feel extremely pleased and honoured to have shared their experiences.

Helen: Even though I didn’t plan for this as a career, I have always been very open to my psychic gifts, used my abilities frequently and it became my passion very quickly early on. It took a while until it became my profession.

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