Low cost psychic readings

Low cost psychic readings over the telephone: what to expect

Hi everyone,

My name is Leonora and I really wanted to write a post about how to get the best from your own phone psychic readings.

As I always say to my clients that turn to me for spiritual guidance, the messages given will be what you need to know, which may not necessarily correspond to what you want to hear. So, how should you prepare yourself for a phone psychic reading?

First of all, allow your instinct to lead you to the right psychic reader. Relax yourself and, before making the phone call, decide the area of your life that you are looking for guidance on and that you need to focus on. This is crucial, as it makes it possible for the psychic reader on the other end of the line to achieve a solider connection with your energy. Negative behaviours create a block that makes it impossible for a professional psychic reader to connect to you, so, be co-operative and open-minded.

Have a phone reading only when you feel you strongly need one. Psychic readings that serve a purpose are far more enlightening, useful and productive than those that are simply done to fill in time.

In order to allow the energy to flow freely between you and the psychic reader, make sure your smartphone is switched off and that you won’t be disturbed during the whole psychic reading session.

Allow yourself to be guided and remember that, in the end, it is ultimately your choice what to do in the situations you are in.

Love and blessings,


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Leonora is a full time psychic advisor here at SkilledPsychicReaders.co.uk. If you would like to contact her and have a psychic reading, call us now!

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